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Daniel Lemin

Meet Daniel


Senior Strategist & Co-Host of Social Pros

Convince and Convert
Daniel Lemin, a strategist at Convince and Convert, started his career at Google, leading global communications for product launches. He is a noted author, speaker, and has helped drive strategies for top global organizations. His expertise includes customer experience and digital strategy.
Ohio Northern University Gonzaga University Quantic School of Business and Technolog
Customer Experience Corporate and Brand Reputation Customer and Employee Advocacy
Daniel Lemin
Fact #1

Daniel is located in Los Angeles, CA. Which means, despite growing up in the Midwest, he now pulls out winter accessories when the temperature drops below a frosty 50.

Fact #2

Daniel graduated college three times: most recently from Quantic with an eMBA in 2019. He also holds an MA in Communication from Gonzaga in University and a BA from Ohio Northern University.

Fact #3

Daniel loves to start his day with yoga and a walk with his dog, and end it with a martini and another walk with his dog.

The Details

Daniel has been part of the Convince & Convert family since 2010. He worked closely with our founder, Jay Baer, during the early years of the company. He brings experience driving strategy, change and results for some of the most iconic organizations in the world. He has particular expertise in customer experience, corporate and brand reputation, corporate innovation and customer and employee advocacy.

His career started as an early member of Google’s global communications team, leading the launch of products in North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. His sense of wanderlust was sparked by those early business trips and has led to him meandering through 50 countries (and counting). He later established the digital practice at Citizen Relations and led corporate digital strategy for the western region at Edelman. He has worked with many of the world’s top organizations including PwC, Shell, P&G, McKinsey, General Motors, Petco, Hilton Hotels, and the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Word-of-mouth marketing is Daniel’s forte so much that he wrote two books on the topic –as co-author of Talk Triggers with Jay Baer, and Manipurated. He’s an accomplished keynote speaker, workshop leader and teacher.

He’s a native Ohioan who now resides in sunny Los Angeles. His taste in music is eclectic (Harry Styles, Roberta Flack, Linkin Park and Gershwin could round out a single day’s playlist), and so is his taste in food. As much as he loves being on the road, he also enjoys the simple joys of happy hour at home with an ice cold martini (gin, naturally) and his dog by the fireplace.

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