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So, what’s it like working with a digital marketing and customer experience consultancy?
100% Virtual
Our team is fully remote and located all across the United States. What does that mean for you? You have access to our team across multiple time zones, meaning we’re on from 8 AM Eastern to 5 PM Pacific.
Each team member you’ll work with has an average of 18 years of agency and corporate marketing experience, meaning we are bringing the best of the best to the table every time. At C&C, there is no junior team.
We Become
“You” Experts
We dive in deep. We get to know who you are, where you came from, and where you should be going. We analyze your competitors, your industry as a whole, your internal capabilities, and devise a strategic plan that actually makes an impact.
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The C&C Team

Andrew Parnell
Andrew ParnellHe/Him


Phoenix, AZ

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Zontee Hou
Zontee HouShe/Her

Managing Director

New York, NY

Get To Know Zontee
Gini Roberts
Gini RobertsShe/Her

Senior Director of Media and Sponsorships

Phoenix, AZ

Get To Know Gini
Jennifer Harmon
Jennifer HarmonShe/Her

Senior Strategist

Orlando, FL

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Sunny Hunt
Sunny HuntShe/Her

Senior Strategist

Austin, TX

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Jason Keath
Jason KeathHe/Him


New Jersey

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Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie RamirezShe/Her


Miami, Florida

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Daniel Lemin
Daniel LeminHe/Him

Senior Strategist & Co-Host of Social Pros

Los Angeles, CA

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Jay Baer
Jay BaerHe/Him

CPAE, Founder

Bloomington, IN

Get To Know Jay
In Loving Memory Christin “Tink” Kardos
In Loving Memory Christin “Tink” KardosShe/Her

Community manager 1974-2021

Our History
Let’s Start At The Beginning

Our History

Founded in 2008 by New York Times best-selling author and Hall of Fame keynote speaker Jay Baer, Convince & Convert has been changing the way businesses think about CX, digital marketing, and social media every day since. After gaining traction through our blog and becoming the go-to source for all things content marketing, we began specializing in digital marketing strategy that drives tangible improvements for your company as well as continuing to create kick-ass content for our clients. Our team is small by design, and that’s to ensure you have a top notch experience with access to each of our team members’ specific expertise when needed. We are nimble, seasoned, diverse, and collaborative.

Where We’re Headed

Our Future

We have always been trendsetters instead of trend-getters, and as your customer’s focus makes a shift we are evolving to meet those needs. C&C is now a part of Experience Dynamic, a customer experience collective that provides strategy and tactical execution for companies looking to up their CX game.
Our Future
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