Is Your Marketing Team Using AI Wisely?

We Map Out Where You Are, and How to Stay Ahead, With AI Integration

Becoming a fully-fledged AI-integrated marketing organization doesn’t happen overnight. It takes strategic planning, operational changes, hiring and training, and data organization and implementation. With so many different areas to address, building a roadmap can feel daunting. That’s where a maturity map can give your organization clarity.

AI Maturity Map

Our AI maturity map helps you to identify where you are now in terms of the sophistication of your team’s skills and your organization’s operations, and it also lays out what best-in-class looks like across five levels.

We also give you a game plan for advancing your team’s maturity, based on your organizational goals and constraints, with specific recommendations around the strategic and tactical actions with the most ROI.

Get Answers to Your AI Questions
  • What are my opportunities with AI both now and in the future?

  • Where are my competitors (or greater industry), in terms of integration of AI into their efforts?

  • What are my best opportunities to integrate AI into my organization's current marketing operations and strategic planning?

  • What does best-in-class usage of AI look like for an organization like mine?
  • What to Expect from the AI Maturity Map
  • Review of your current digital marketing operations, channels, and capabilities to assess AI opportunities and impact

  • Recommendations on how to advance at least one level on the maturity map from current state, based on ROI and highest value opportunities for your organization

  • Assessment of competitive landscape and audience implications to ground the business case for your team and organization

  • Concise listing of action items for the next 60 days that give your organization a jump-start to gain momentum

  • AI tool recommendations, based on your organization’s recommended roadmap, budget, skills, and maturity
  • How It's Delivered for Your Unique Need
  • Planning meeting: We uncover your specific use cases, assess your team’s current level of understanding, and learn your organizational goals

  • Written maturity map: Including five-stages, customized to your industry considerations; current competitive and audience considerations; recommendations for up-leveling your organization’s AI maturity

  • Action plan: Written next steps for your team to prioritize your game plan and track progress

  • Formal presentation and Q&A session with expert strategists from Convince & Convert
  • World-Class AI Speakers

    In addition to our experienced team of strategists who speak at in-person and virtual events, Convince & Convert can also connect you with a wide network of key opinion leaders. If you are looking for an AI expert to partner with your company for a future event or campaign, let us know.

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