Your Business Has a Story To Tell

Does It Sound Like It's All Coming From You?

Content marketers are storytellers at their core. Your consumers are your heroes and your service or product is the tool they use to overcome their challenges and create a happy ending. But, you don’t want your marketing to feel like a story that’s been written by 100 different authors. We help you align your brand story and use your own team’s strength to send the right message.

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Is Your Marketing Team Playing to Their Strengths?

We Help You Unlock Your Marketing Team’s Potential

You know your brand better than anyone else. You are the experts on who you are; we are the experts that can help you effectively communicate that story to your target audiences. We can identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas where you need a little bit of polishing to create an effective content marketing team.
What type of content should we be creating?
Should we invest in video content?
How do we amplify our content internally?
What performance metrics should we be measuring?
What roles and responsibilities do we need within our content marketing team?
How can we increase our content’s touchpoints?
How We Solve It
Customized Training
We develop a custom curriculum to address the maturity and topics needed for your team. Through lecture style, hands-on exercises, and follow-up interactions, your team has the tools needed to level up their work.
Action Plan
Training can be delivered in a single multi-hour day, a series of hours/days, both in-person and virtual. By working together we find the most learning-ready delivery mechanism and environment for the size of the group or topics covered.
Continued Partnership
Often after the initial training has concluded, our strategists will continue to coach high potential team members, build additional curriculum on other topics, or offer follow-up webinars and mini-trainings to reinforce concepts.
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