It’s Not About Being on Every Social Media Channel Available

It’s About Aligning Your Messaging and Efforts to the Channels That Serve Your Audience

Just because a social media channel exists doesn’t mean it automatically needs to be added to your marketing arsenal. Social media is about meeting your audience where they are and delivering a message that resonates with them. This means that sometimes you need to streamline your focus, cut out channels that aren’t serving you, and adjust your strategy to meet today’s changing algorithms.

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A rapidly evolving social media landscape can make it hard to identify how you should leverage each channel for your most valuable audiences. These ever-changing algorithms mean that you need to be able to adjust your organic and paid strategy on the fly. Here are common client situations we regularly solve through social media strategy.
We help you determine where to spend your marketing dollars to create the biggest impact.
We assess the current state of your social media program by auditing your existing channels and evaluating exactly what to stop, start or refine.
By understanding the business goals and resources available, we evaluate a criteria giving you a clear path into a new channel, or not.
We organize a grassroots social team into a business goal-driven unit.
All stakeholders will be trained in a new protocol for social media marketing enterprise-wide.
As part of the strategy or a stand-alone project, we create the business goal-driven measurement scorecard for all levels of the organization.
How We Solve It
Social Media Marketing Strategy
You get a fully custom strategic marketing plan. We also break it all down in an executive overview that shows you the key strategic transformations necessary to meet your business goals.
Operational Playbooks
Learn how to precisely put that strategy into action with these operational guidebooks that outline the tactics that need to be done in exactly the right order to align your efforts with your digital marketing strategy.
Continued Counsel
We stay involved as an extension of your team for ongoing support to connect dots, facilitate implementation, train team members, and build additional tools and dashboards where needed.
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