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Michelle Saunders

Michelle has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, content creation, and social media making her a high-utility player and contributor.
Her talents have facilitated the marketing efforts of numerous SaaS, professional services, and healthcare companies, and she has worked with technology brands, including Fujitsu, EPSON, and Kofax. Even a stint in customer service gives her additional insight into our clients’ CX initiatives. With additional years of agency-side experience to draw from, Michelle is no stranger to large-scale content management initiatives, implementing process improvement, and building content marketing programs with a keen eye for visual design as well. Wanting to seek better job satisfaction and quality of life, she began to explore other opportunities. That’s when founder Jay Baer found her and enticed her to join the C&C team. Interestingly, her hands-on approach to business challenges doesn’t stop at the keyboard. Having been working virtually for nearly a decade, Michelle and her family are becoming accomplished homesteaders, striving to live a more down-to-earth lifestyle. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty –figuratively and literally. Already a Tennessee-raised gal, Michelle, her husband, and two young boys moved out into the country to try their hand at a homegrown farm with livestock, garden, and unending DIY projects. For Michelle, the essential traits of strength, resourcefulness, and creativity transcend the medium whether it is soil, wood, chicken wire,or a digital landscape. For fun, her off-the-grid cabin allows her family to disconnect and enjoy time fishing and kayaking. But, aside from being the outdoorsy type, her love of the arts never ceases and she has been known to make an appearance in local theater when she needs a creative boost. As Director of Content, Michelle is the gatekeeper charged with stewardship of all C&C’s published content, branding, voice & tone, and content quality across all our content channels.
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